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Eric Deal
Shopping With: Eric Deal

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When your business is based on
sharing happiness, it's hard not to have fun!

Be happy. Share happy. Repeat.

We’ve got happy products.
A happy community.
But the income opportunity is serious.

Our promises to you.

Customer Promise

Welcome to the world’s only “happiness superstore.”

Coffee. Hot tea. Iced tea. Lemonade. Hot chocolate. Supplements. Skin Care. Weight loss.

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Business Promise

When your business is about sharing happiness, it’s hard not to have fun.

Work from anywhere. At any time. With anyone. Real freedom. True independence.

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The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Providing The Vision

Mr. Fai Chan

Fai Chan has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 45 years. As full and partial owner of 35 companies, he has an impressive track record of significant company growth, a strong business acumen and expansive knowledge of financial operations. He is an entrepreneur with a vision for growth and seeing businesses reach their fullest potential. Fai’s businesses are worth nearly $20 Billion. With a annual profit of more than $1 billion, his mission of “health, wealth, and happiness” is visible in every area of his business and professional life. Fai brings his extensive resources, undeniable passion, and entrepreneurial energy to The Happy Co.

Our corporate team has more than 200 Years of Experience
Working For You

Our executive leadership team has "been there and done that." We have experience leading Fortune 500 companies, Inc 500 companies and more than a dozen start-ups. We have network marketing experience, franchise experience and public company experience. We have helped launch and grow companies with BILLIONS of dollars in annual revenues. This means you can do your thing without worrying about what's happening at the Home Office.

John 'JT' Thatch

Chief Executive Officer

Taylor Worre

VP of Field Development