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Eric Deal
Shopping With: Eric Deal

Our System

Get paid to do what
you're already doing.

Turn Those Pings,
Dings & Rings Into CHA-CHINGS

How many times a day are you sending or receiving texts, DMs and calls? How many times are you posting on FB or IG? How many videos do you watch and links do you share? This is your opportunity to monetize your social activity and create a community of online entrepreneurs.

Build A Business From Anywhere

Want to be stuck in a cubicle 2000 hours a year? Of course not! Want to own a store in a dying mall waiting behind a counter for people to show up? No way! Want to drive drunk strangers or smelly food around in your car? Didn’t think so!

The future is in the palm of your hands. Partner with us and we’ll give you the tools to turn your passion into profit. And this is YOUR business. You can sell it, will it, or let it ride. And you can be a Brand Partner from ANYWHERE – at home with your child or walking on the beach.

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Simple. Simple. Simple.

Sample. Sample. Sample.

If You’d Rather
“Share” Than “Sell”

Most people don’t like to sell, but they are open to sharing a product or experience that they’ve enjoyed. If this sounds like you, then you’ll love our system. Our “instant impact” products do the “selling” for you. It’s as easy as sharing a cup of coffee!

You Know More People
Than You Realize

The average person has 338 Facebook friends*. And these 338 people also each have an average of 338 Facebook friends. This means you are just 2 clicks away from more than 100,000 people on Facebook alone! The world is so much more connected than it was even 10 years ago. Think about how many people could use a dose of happiness today. You just spread the joy.


Some call The Happy Co.
"The Ultimate Gig".

We do all of the heavy lifting and expensive behind-the-scenes stuff like Shipping, Customer Service, Technology, and Research & Development. Plus, we provide the training you need to succeed. You just plug and play.

Work From Anywhere

Set your own hours

Choose your team of “co-workers”

Get business ownership tax benefits

Determine your income level

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We’ve just entered the Golden Age of entrepreneurship.

Are you open to seeing what’s possible?

Customer Rewards Program

Let our program work for you.

We want you to succeed. To do that we have built a program that works for you, while benefiting your customers. Create a loyal following with rewards points to keep them coming back. But we also give them a way to share and save with their friends. This program is a WIN, WIN for everyone.

Buy more. Earn more.

As you share with customers, they can earn points as they buy their happy products. It’s simple. Each dollar spent earns customers points that can then be redeemed for discount cards on future purchases.

Customers Purchase & Earn Points
They redeem and order more
We track it & you WIN!
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Share. Earn. Repeat.

Have you ever wanted an easy way to spread the word and get more sales? Well, we have the way to do it. Our Referral program allows your customers to get rewarded while creating you new customers and sales.

Customers SHARE - EARN - SHARE
Prospects become Brand Partners
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CONNECTION COMMERCE is the next big thing.
The Happy Co. allows you to plug in and put your phone to work. Ready to make some money and make a difference?
Let’s do this!

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